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Following a suggestion on a related post (see here), I was wondering if Javaspaces technology is supported on GWT?

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no. but it's possible to implement it on GWT. not sure anybody did that.

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Well, it depends on what you mean by "supported on GWT." GigaSpaces - built on JavaSpaces - can easily deploy GWT applications internally, and it's also easy for the server side of a GWT application to connect to a GigaSpace. (See http://openspaces.org/display/GDO/GoDo+-+Goods+Donation+System for an example of an application that does this - it was an OpenSpaces award winner.)

If you mean "direct from the client," well, it's likely to be POSSIBLE, but at that point you're not using the client side of GWT - you're using Java on the client.

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