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UCP documentation says that statement cache for oracle database can be enabled by setting below:


How do we get performance enhancements here. As when we create a connection we do not provide statement. lets say pds is a PoolDataSource

Connection conn = pds.getConnection();

This connection object returned from the pool may or may not have statement cached. May be some other connection in the pool have the statement cached (which we will prepare later). So how do we achieve performance enhancements by enabling statement cache. when we do:

conn.prepareStatement("some sql query");
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I am looking at docs.oracle.com/cd/B28359_01/java.111/e10788/…, and it seems to say that there is no way to decide which connection's cache holds which statement, because the way a connection is obtained from UCP is not controlled by the user. Hence you may end up with each connection caching the same statement if your application happens to use all connections to execute the same query. This may cause you to run out of open cursors in your DB. Regards. –  stackoverflower Jan 11 at 14:49
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