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I have problem with custom messages for validators in rails4. I have app with devise registration system. I have some validators in my model:

 validates :name, length: {maximum: 45}, presence: true
 validates :surname, length: {maximum: 45}, presence: true
 validates :phone, :phony_plausible => true, presence: true
 validates :company_name, length: {maximum: 100}, presence: true
 validates :address, length: {maximum: 50}, presence: true
 validates :city, length: {maximum: 70}, presence: true
 validates :zip_code, presence: true, length: {is: 6}
 validates :nip, nip: true

When user left blank input for name there's a message:

Name can't be blank

When I add a message options to my validator:

  validates :name, length: {maximum: 45}, presence: {message: "Imię nie może być puste"}

I have the following message: Name Imię nie może być puste. I don't want to have this Name word in my message. How to do this?

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Which rails form are you using Form_for or Simple_form? –  Amit Sharma Oct 24 '13 at 7:00
im using default form_for –  Mateusz Urbański Oct 24 '13 at 7:31

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I've done it using the locales method mentioned in this question/answer:

Fully custom validation error message with Rails

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