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I am using visual studio 2012. I have added reference to System.Windows.Forms. But i cannot find Form.Shown event handler in the properties-eventhandler window. Please help me.

Is there any alternative for the same.

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Yes i am using wpf. –  KaMaL MoHaN Oct 24 '13 at 8:36

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When you are using WPF, you can not use WinForms. Those are not the same. You must use the Events from the Window class in WPF.

I assume you use WPF since the WPF tag is there.

For a WPF window I would use one of the following events:

  • Activated Occurs when a window becomes the foreground window.
  • GotFocus Occurs when this element gets logical focus.
  • Loaded Occurs when the element is laid out, rendered, and ready for interaction.
  • StateChanged Check if WindowState == WindowState.Normal
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The WPF equivalent handlers you are possibly looking for are Loaded() and/or Activated(). You might also look at SizeChanged()

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