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I am having problems with prettyphoto via ajax.I am using two files like display.php and get_products_data.php.

I get my dynamic images from get_products_data.php file via ajax,whenever i click that link i want to show that correctponding image using prettyphoto.But the problem is, it displayed incorrect images due to ajax loading time.

I show my code for your look.

In display.php,

<a href="#inline_model1" onclick="load_product()"></a>

where inline_model1 is my table content id for prettyphoto,

function load_product(id, idname)

    url: 'get_products_data.php',
    type: 'POST',
    data: {
        service: 'fetch',
        data_id: id
    dataType: "JSON",
    success: function (data)
        //return json values to responding data_id

        $("#item_code").text("#" + data[0].item_code);
        $("#image_name").attr('src', 'products/' + data[0].image_name);
        $("#color").css("background-color", data[0].color);
        $("#original_price").text("Rs " + data[0].original_price);
        $("#discount").text(data[0].discount + " %");
        $("#price").text("Rs " + data[0].price);

    error: function (e)
        alert("Exceptions travel around here" + e);


this is my problem site link

In get_products_data,it works fine

In my result function,I want to show the correstponding image that i was clicked.

I have searched all are from google.But i don't have an idea to solve this.I spend more than hours for this regard.

So,please help me to resolve this problem.Thank u in advance..

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I solved this using prettyphoto ajax rather than prettyphoto inline. Please visit for further details about prettyphoto ajax documentation –  Ramesh Kanagaraj Nov 8 '13 at 9:36
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