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I've got an MDI application where I'd like to create the movable toolbars in the MDI children. Adding a toolbar to the MDI children's layout makes it unmovable. Making the MDI child a subclass of the QMainWindow allows adding nice movable toolbars to it, but breaks the MDI window switching (the main windows' title updates weird, all the MDI children appear as active at once and don't switch in z-order when non maximized). So I'd like to know, is there any kind of a toolbar placeholder widget I can add to my MDI child to be able to drop toolbars to it, or how can I create one? Or is there any other way of creating fully functional toolbars on the non-QMainWindow widgets?

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Turns out that subclassing QMainWindow to make an MDI child or inserting it as a widget to a QMdiSubWindow works OK and can be used to add movable toolbars (with some limitations). The weird behavior I was getting was caused by the setFocus() call in the MDI child's constructor. –  VVV Oct 26 '13 at 16:07

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