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I have a skin for a scrollbar thumb that I want to be able to style or set properties dynamically.



    upArrowSkin:      ClassReference(null);
    downArrowSkin:  ClassReference(null);

    trackSkin:  	ClassReference(null);
    thumbSkin:  	ClassReference("skins.ScrollBarThumb"); 
} (snippet)

public class ScrollBarThumb extends Border
	private var cornerRadius:Number = 2;

	private var backgroundColor:uint = 0x222222;

	private var xOffset:int = -3;

I want to be able to set these properties in the skin so the skin can be styled differently for each component that uses it.

How do you suggest I do this?

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You should usually set styles on a skin as styles not as properties:

[Style(name="cornerRadius", type="Number", format="Length", inherit="yes")]

Then in updateDisplayList you can call getStyle("cornerRadius") when you draw the skin.

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