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I'm working on a site that has a header that sits on the bottom of the page until it hits the top of your screen. At which point the nav becomes fixed to the top.

This works fine on desktop, however on mobile the nav only fixes itself while your finger is on the screen (even then it's a bit jumpy!). It's like it doesn't get position fixed when your phone is scrolling the page with momentum.

The logic is written in jQuery:

// Check the initial Poistion of the Sticky Header
var stickyHeader = $('#header');
var stickyHeaderTop = stickyHeader.offset().top;


    var windowPos = $('.wrapper').scrollTop();

    if( $('.wrapper').scrollTop() > stickyHeaderTop ) { 

        stickyHeader.css({position: 'fixed', top: '0px', marginTop: '0px'});
        $('.append').css({position: 'fixed', top: '0px', left: '0px', right: '0px'});

    } else {    

        stickyHeader.css({position: 'static', top: '0px', marginTop: '-47px'});
        $('.append').css({position: 'relative'});



If you wanted to check the page itself this is the link.

Any ideas why it's bugging out on mobile? (iOS7 Safari)

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Using absolute rather than static might solve your problem. –  Bhojendra Nepal Oct 24 '13 at 9:27
Unfortunately not –  lukeseager Oct 24 '13 at 9:33

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