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i am currently developing a website(related to fitness) client wants to make a feature, that will allow user to select a workout plan based on the choices you pick from a slider similar to the one on this example.

What i'm trying to figure out if this can be done with CSS or would I need to implement JavaScript / jQuery ?

Any help with this problem is appreciated. I just need a nudge in the right direction of where to start.

Edit: i have found jQuery-Smart-Wizard that partially does what i want would i be able to manipulate this to have choices and load a certain page depending on the choice made?

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CSS is design-related, as in colors, sizes, and layout. If you want conditional navigation, and to parse form data, you'll need to use jQuery/JavaScript to manipulate client side (optional), and some sort of server-side language such as PHP to manipulate the data and information.

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