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Why am I having a 'invalid syntax' error on this script? I'm using the Python 3.3.2 Shell and when I'm trying to run the module there is just an 'invalid syntax' popping up.

import os, re, csv
import email, email.message, email.header

MAILDIR = 'mails'
FEATURES = ['from', 'domain', 'ip', 'country', 'content-type', 'charset', 'reply', 'recipients', 'images', 'urls']

    geoip = False
    import pygeoip
    gi = pygeoip.GeoIP('GeoIP.dat', pygeoip.MEMORY_CACHE)
    geoip = True
except ImportError:
except IOError:
    print 'GeoIP.dat not found'

class Mail(email.message.Message):
    def count_html_tag(self, tag):
        tags = 0
        for part in email.iterators.typed_subpart_iterator(self, 'text', 'html'):
            html = part.get_payload(decode=True)
            tags += html.lower().count('<' + tag)
        return tags

def feature(self, feature):
    # content-type: plain, html, multipart
    if feature == 'content-type':
        if self.is_multipart():
            return 'multipart'
            return self.get_content_subtype()

    # charset: list of charsets (if multipart)
    elif feature == 'charset':
        return ','.join(sorted(set(self.get_charsets()) - {None}))

    # from: claimed email address of sender
    elif feature == 'from':
        addr = self.get('from', self.get('sender', ''))
        return email.utils.parseaddr(addr)[1]

    # domain: domain name of sender
    elif feature == 'domain':
        return self.feature('from').split('@', 1)[1]

    # ip: possible ip address of sender
    elif feature == 'ip':
        if 'x-original-ip' in self:
            return self['x-original-ip']
            for received in reversed(self.get_all('received')):
                m ='\[([0-9.]*)\]', received)
                if m and[:3] not in ('127', '192', '172', '10.'):
                return ''

    # country: country of sender, based on ip
    elif feature == 'country':
        if geoip:
            ip = self.feature('ip')
            return gi.country_code_by_addr(ip) if ip else ''
            return ''

    # recipient: number of known recipients
    elif feature == 'recipients':
        fields = ('to', 'cc', 'resent-to', 'resent-cc')
        return sum(len(email.utils.getaddresses(self.get_all(field, []))) for field in fields)

    # reply: re, fw
    elif feature == 'reply':
        subject = email.header.decode_header(self.get('Subject', ''))[0][0]
        m = re.match('(re|fw)d?:', subject.lower())
        return if m else ''

    # images: number of images in html
    elif feature == 'images':
        return self.count_html_tag('img')

    # images: number of urls in html
    elif feature == 'urls':
        return self.count_html_tag('a')

        raise KeyError()

def features(self, lst=FEATURES):
    return {feature: self.feature(feature) for feature in lst}

def main():
    with open('features.csv', 'wb') as csvfile:
        writer = csv.DictWriter(csvfile, FEATURES)
        for mpath in os.listdir(MAILDIR):
            with open(os.path.join(MAILDIR, mpath)) as mfile:
                mail = email.message_from_file(mfile, Mail)

if __name__ == '__main__':

Thanks in advance! I'm kinda new on Python

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You know, the error message ALSO tells you where the error is. (You, in contrast, do not tell us where the error is.) – Sneftel Oct 24 '13 at 10:46
@Ben As a rule of thumb, whenever it comes to python 3, I always check where they put in print! :P – Games Brainiac Oct 24 '13 at 10:48
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On line 16:

except IOError:
    print 'GeoIP.dat not found'  # Print is a function

This should be print(....)

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