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How can i detect whether OpenSSH is installed on iPhone device, which is used in jail broken devices. Kindly let me know if anyone has any other robust method to check break detection.


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As you can uninstall OpenSSH easily, I would highly recommend you, to check, if Cydia is installed on the device. Why Cydia? Because without Cydia, the jailbreak is almost useless, because you need to install packages through it. (Yes you can also install packages from the terminal, but the majority of jailbreak-users use Cydia)

There was a great script in the answer of another question on stackoverflow that checks, if Cydia is installed. Of course you can check any other App or check if a service is installed on the device by simply editing the path in this script:

- (BOOL) isJailbroken() {

        return NO;

        BOOL isJailbroken = NO;

        BOOL cydiaInstalled = [[NSFileManager defaultManager] fileExistsAtPath:@"/Applications/Cydia.app"];

        FILE *f = fopen("/bin/bash", "r");

        if (!(errno == ENOENT) && cydiaInstalled) {

            //Device is jailbroken
            isJailbroken = YES;
        return isJailbroken;
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Okay. I've done it –  c0dev Oct 24 '13 at 21:36

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