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Im trying to debug the boot sequence of a linux kernel with qemu, the command im running is:

  qemu -serial stdio -kernel <path to kernel> -hda <path to rootfs> -append "root=/dev/sda terminal = ttyS0"

During boot all the kernel messages are printed to the QEMU window. Only when the boot has finished i get my prompt back to the terminal i ran QEMU in. Now i can start using the kernel terminal im running and seeing the output in the terminal and not in QEMU window.

my question is, how do i get all messages including the boot messages to my terminal and not to QEMU window (because i cant scroll up in that window..) ?

thanks for the help

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  1. remove "-serial stdio" param
  2. add "-nographic" param
  3. and change the kernel parameter "terminal = ttyS0" to "console=ttyS0" ==this should do the trick

qemu -nographic -kernel ./bzImage -hda ./image.hda -append "root=/dev/sda console=ttyS0"

You may want to check the script I use for kernel development: https://github.com/arapov/wrap-qemukvm (it's not very "production", but you can find useful qemu cli parameters there)

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Redirecting Qemu output to terminal might cause some problem (personally i don't like it). You can using options like -noframe (this will create new window but won't any window frame) or -curses to experience qemu output on terminal.

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refer this Redirect Qemu Console to a file or the host terminal? to get the log on both qemu and your terminal .use "console=ttyAMA0,115200 console=tty highres=off console=ttyS0"

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