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I have a script that generates wave files, based on user input. I want to be able to stream those wave files online(not necessarily as wave files, they can be converted on the fly to mp3 or whatever). Preferably through a embedded flash streamer, but a html5 version would be good too. The files are generally small, around 5 seconds long, and I'd like then to be stream multiple files in one session.

Does anyone know how I should go about implementing this?

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With such short audio clips I would not bother with a 'real' streaming technology, but just serve them up via HTTP as static files as quickly as the network connection will allow. A quick look at my iTunes library indicates that a 5s 128kpbs 44kHz stereo file is between 120-250KB. Almost small. If you are talking about 32kbps mono, then maybe the sizes will be a mere 15-30KB.

Encoding on-the-fly may result in undesirable issues, like scaling (CPU load from all those encoding jobs, some of which will be duplicate), latency (setting up the encoding, the actual encoding), and you won't know the end file size which can cause problems. So, setting up a caching system may make more sense.

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I use wpaudioplayer to stream MP3s from my website (Example). It was originally made as a wordpress plugin but can be used as a standalone javascript.

I believe that it can play wave files as well as MP3s. If you do end up converting them before serving them I would suggest that you would

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