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Even copy/paste and basic short cuts keys(Ctrl + F, Ctrl + k...) also not working. I am using Eclipse J2EE Juno IDE. it almost latest version. Few days back i identified but this problem occurring after 2 or 3 hours use of Eclipse, but now it happening in just in few mins. Just now i verified, I got this problem and so i closed Eclipse and reopen, even just in 2 mins same issue is happening. Day to day this issue wasting much time.

Please help me it is making lot of disturbance and very difficult to stop all my running applications and restart.

I am using SVN, Grails, Code Collaborator plugins only. And my laptop is 8GB RAM, Windows 7

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There may be a message in the .log file in the workspace .metadata directory. –  greg-449 Oct 24 '13 at 14:45

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Your eclipse is corrupted and you ll need a new eclipse installation. I faced this problem last month. When I re installed, the problem was solved.

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I will try thanks my dear friend –  Ravi Oct 25 '13 at 4:29

Just try another updated build of Eclipse.

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I downloaded new Eclipse Kepler, it looks problem resolved and all my plugins also working fine. My friends answers also correct, but it is bug in Eclipse Juno, If i re-install same Eclipse Juno again, i will get same problem again.

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