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I am new to nopcommerce and I am developing a plug-in in it.

I have partially created my plug-in and meanwhile i have found that if i change anything in plug-in's code (View, model, controller, services, etc.) then i have to UNINSTALL my plug-in and then INSTALL to see the changes.

It is really tedious task to do.

Is there any other alternative way to see changes especially for designing view where we just need to set our designing.

If it is possible to see changes by just reloading it in browser then it will be great for all.

Please reply if anyone has any idea about that.

All answers are accepted.

Thanks in advance.

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As far as I know all installed plugins are cached into memory so just overwrite .dll in Plugins folder and you can either

  1. Restart your application with IIS/WebMatrix
  2. Go to Admin > Configuration > Plugins and in top-right corner of the plugins view hit "Reload list of plugins"
  3. "Restart application" or maybe even "Clear cache" in top-right corner of the admin page may work too. Try it out.
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#3 is what I always do – AndyMcKenna Oct 25 '13 at 12:42

You should clean the solution and then build plugins after making changes to the code of the your plugin.

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I have a batch-file that I run each time I want to deploy changes to my plugin on my local IIS. It may be overkill, but it works. I keep it on my desktop. When I want to test changes, I right-click and "Run as Administrator".


ECHO Stopping IIS
iisreset /stop

ECHO Clearing Temporary ASP.Net Files (Server cache)
for /d %%i in ("%systemroot%\Microsoft.Net\Framework\*") do for /d %%j in ("%%i\Temporary ASP.Net Files\*") do RD /q/s "%%j"
for /d %%i in ("%systemroot%\Microsoft.Net\Framework64\*") do for /d %%j in ("%%i\Temporary ASP.Net Files\*") do RD /q/s "%%j"

ECHO Building MyPlugin
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe" /build Debug "C:\Path_to_Nop_Source\Plugins\MyPlugin\MyPlugin.csproj"

ECHO Deploying MyPlugin
xcopy "C:\Path_to_Nop_Source\Presentation\Nop.Web\Plugins\MyPlugin" "C:\Path_To_WebRoot\Plugins\MyPlugin" /D /Y

ECHO Restarting IIS
iisreset /start

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