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I guess, i couldnt find solution to this problem. The partition of my hard drive containing the source codes is corrupted, however I still do have one partition intact containing the SVN repository of that source code. Can anyone suggest me if I can retrieve whole data (my commited source code) from the repository alone?

Regards Varun

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Simply checkout from your repository, and you'll get the complete source you last checked-in. Create a new directory, execute the following command:

$ svn checkout <repository url>

And you'll get a fresh new copy.

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Or svn co <url> –  monksy Dec 24 '09 at 4:57

Yes, you can get all of your source code back if the repository is intact. FIRST, BACK IT UP. Then, you should be able to do a checkout from the repository, and you will have your latest committed source code back.

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