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I write in a console window multiple times in a second.

I figured out how to remove the scrollbars:

Console.BufferWidth = Console.WindowWidth = 35;
Console.BufferHeight = Console.WindowHeight;

So far it's fine. But when I want to write in the last column of a line, it adds a new line! It's logical, but how to avoid this?

I tried to resize the console:


// Write to the last column of a line


But this flickers because these lines will get executed multiple times in a second!

Any ideas or will I have to live with the scrollbars?

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Try with Console.SetBufferSize(width, height); I think it will help.

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The problem is not that the cursor goes to the next line directly. What it really does is, it goes one character to the right and because the buffer ends it goes to the next line.

So I tried to do something like Console.WriteLine("C\r"); To set the cursor back but it still flickered

Than I thought about using some sneaky trick and using an Arabic Right to Left Marker but didn't worked.

So the best way i could figured out was to move the character to the bottom right with the Console.MoveBufferArea method because this doesn't set the cursor to the next right position and avoids the new line.

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