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Previously in 2012, if I debugged in Chrome (for example), and then stopped the debugger, the website would remain running in IIS Express. This no longer seems to be the case in 2013.

Is this a new change that I need to make? How can I keep the website instance running even after I stop the debugger? Thanks.

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Turning off the new "Enable Edit and Continue" feature fixed it for me.

  1. Open Options dialog box (Tools | Options)
  2. Locate "Debugging\Edit and Continue"
  3. Uncheck "Enable Edit and Continue"

Update 1:
You can also turn it off on a per project basis.

  1. Open properties for web project
  2. Select Web tab
  3. Uncheck "Enable Edit and Continue" in the "Debuggers" section

Update 2: Blog article that discusses this feature.

“Enable Edit and Continue” debugging option is now on by default for new web applications in VS2013 preview

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