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I want to remove a specific line in a plot of multiple lines. Bellow is a given example which is not sufficient for me because it removes only the last plotted line and not the line that I want to remove. How can I do that? How can I address a specific line(by name, by number, by reference) throughout the program and delete that line?

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Almost all of the plotting functions return a reference to the artist object created ex:

ln, = plot(x, y)  # plot actually returns a list of artists, hence the ,
im = imshow(Z)

If you have the reference you can remove an artist via the remove (doc) function ex:

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If you don't want to save the reference of all the lines explicitly but you know the index of the line that you want to remove, you can use the fact that maptplotlib stores them for you.


is a list of matplotlib.lines.Line2D. So to remove, e.g., the second line drawn you can do

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