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I was writting a Ubiquity command but I have 0 expriece on JS. How to open an url ( for example ) using JS?


Thanks you all, I believe you are correct, but with following code I was not be able to jump to so. It might be something related with Ubiquity but It was declared to be JS.

names: ["so"],
preview: "go to stackoverflow",

execute: function so_execute() {
     displayMessage("Hello, World!");'', 'dialog');
    //neither other two method will work
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hi pierr (sorry for my english in advance)

I belive you're missing Utils.openUrlInBrowser(URL-TO-OPEN) or similar.

let me show you this code, open a new tab, with some content.

  name: "bofh",
  preview: "Open a new tab with an BOFH excuse from The Bastard Operator From Hell-style excuse server..",
  execute: function(){
    Utils.openUrlInBrowser( "" );


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1st method:

document.location.href = '';

2nd method:

window.location = '';

3rd method: (for new window/popup)'', 'dialog');
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The following opens the given address in the current window.

 window.location = "";
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