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I'm using Amazon's simple storage service (S3). I noticed that others like Trello were able to configure sub-domain for their S3 links. In the following link they have trello-attachments as sub-domain.

Where can I configure this?

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You don't have to configure it.

All buckets work that way if there are no dots in the bucket name and it's otherwise a hostname made up of valid characters. If your bucket isn't in the "US-Standard" region, you may have to use the correct endpoint instead of "" to avoid a redirect (or to make it work at all).

An ordinary Amazon S3 REST request specifies a bucket by using the first slash-delimited component of the Request-URI path. Alternatively, you can use Amazon S3 virtual hosting to address a bucket in a REST API call by using the HTTP Host header. In practice, Amazon S3 interprets Host as meaning that most buckets are automatically accessible (for limited types of requests) at

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