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Where do I get the following jar files?

  • bc.jar,
  • itext-signed.jar,
  • bc-signed.jar,
  • toolbox.jar,
  • bcmail-jdk14-137.jar,
  • bcprov-jdk14-137.jar,

Precise links would be highly appreciated.

Note: Google didn't help much.

Thanks in advance.

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Since you requested precise links, here are some:

  • http://mirrors.ibiblio.org/pub/mirrors/maven2/itext/itext/1.1.4/itext-1.1.4.jar
  • http://polydistortion.net/bc/download/bcmail-jdk14-137.jar
  • http://polydistortion.net/bc/download/bcprov-jdk14-137.jar
  • jarFinder is your friend: http://www.jarfinder.com/index.php/jars

    But beware:

  • There are many different JAR files around the Web with the same filename.
  • Many different projects produce their own tool "toolbox.jar", for instance.
  • And then you have a different JAR for each release of each project.

    Nicolas Raoul

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    Thanks buddy... –  user238070 Dec 28 '09 at 3:49
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    Cool effort! Thank you. –  user238070 Dec 28 '09 at 3:51

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