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How do you use Informatica to load data into a target table whose name is a SQL reserved keyword?

I have a situation where I am trying to use Informatica to populate a table called Union which is failing with the following error:

  • SQL Server Message: Incorrect syntax near the keywork 'Union'
  • Database driver error...
  • Function Name : Execute Multiple
  • SQL Stmt : INSERT INTO UNION (UnionCode, UnionName, etc )

I have been told that changing the database properties to use quoted identifier would solve this problem; however, I have tried that and it only appears to work for sources, not targets.

And before anyone states the obvious - I cannot change the name of the target table.

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could you write into a view? –  momobo Oct 31 '13 at 12:44

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Can you please try overriding the table name in session properties as "Union" with the quotes.

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Load your data in a table with valid name ,having same structure as union . And in Post Sql of that target, you can rename the table with whatever name required .

Ex . Click on the target (XUnion) , go to Post Sql and put statement below --

RENAME XUnion to 'UNION' ; 
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