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I have a large vb6 app that I turned into a dll so I could run it from vb .net. When I run the vb6 & .net projects in debug everything works fine. If I open the forms non modally everything works fine all the time.

However when I compile the vb6 into a dll the vb6 forms are not being placed in the .Net container form when I open them modally (non modal is OK). The vb6 form just sits in the upper left of the screen.

I came up with this solution based on an article on codeproject by Eduardo Campano on embedding vb6 forms in .Net applications from July 2007. Great article and a good idea if you have a million lines of code to convert to .net like I do.

I have sample code but don't see how to upload it to the forum.

The code for loading the vb6 into the container is from the container load event in .net:

 SetParent(mintFormHandle, Me.Handle.ToInt32)
 SendMessage(Me.Handle.ToInt32, WM_NCACTIVATE, 1, 0)
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I edited a link to the article into your question - I assume it is the right article? codeproject.com/Articles/19368/… – MarkJ Oct 25 '13 at 12:09

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