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I want to compile and later modify a Linux kernel code but I cannot do it by installing and running separate Linux system like Ubuntu and then compiling this kernel on linux system as I am not able to work on full fledged Linux system(Laptop hardware problems).I want to do it on Windows 7.Is there a way that I can do it?

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Seems a bit offtopic for StackOverflow. Not sure where you would put it. Going to be tricky to do this needless to say. – Chris Chambers Oct 24 '13 at 17:28
Run linux in a virtual machine, compile from there? – kevinsa5 Oct 24 '13 at 17:31
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Better to put such question at your problem please use some virtual machine ( Vmware or Oracle VirtualBox).

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The Linux kernel source tree has different files in some directories whose names only differ in capitalization, so unpacking the source tree would have to happen in a directory where the POSIX compatibility mode was active. Furthermore, you need a cross compiler targetting Linux, and an appropriate shell environment.

It can be done within the Cygwin environment if so desired, but I suspect it is significantly easier to run a Linux virtual machine, or CoLinux.

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i Think you are talking about this have a look on this site they provide a way to compile and modify and infact build a new kernel in Visual Studio hope it will help you

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