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Very weird problem, I am new to AS, but I have to say it's hard to comprehend AS is a modern language:

    		private function completed():void
    			var player:Object = (loader.content as SystemManager).application as Object;

    SWFLoader id="loader" horizontalCenter="0" width="100%" height="362" source="http://localhost:8000/testflv1.swf" init="completed()"

What I want to do is embed a swf in another parent swf, and call a function from parent to the embedded swf. Then, I use the init event for the SWFLoader to invoke the method. Before doing this I have verified that using the same code in a button click handler, it is fine with:

var player:Object = (loader.content as SystemManager).application as Object;

But if in a init event handler, the (loader.content as SystemManager).application is a null.

Whereas, in the document of SWFLoader:

init Dispatched when the properties and methods of a loaded SWF file are accessible.

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Yeah, thanks. Changed back. – Bin Chen Dec 24 '09 at 8:02

I think the problem is here because the application property of your included file is not yet initialized. You can listen to the APPLICATION_COMPLETE event, which will tell you when the application property of your SWF content is completed.

		public var loadedSM:SystemManager;

		private function init():void
            loadedSM = SystemManager(loader.content);
			loadedSM.addEventListener(FlexEvent.APPLICATION_COMPLETE, callFunc);                

        private function callFunc(event:FlexEvent):void

<mx:SWFLoader id="loader" horizontalCenter="0" width="100%" height="362" source="LoadFileInclude.swf" creationComplete="init()" />

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Thanks, but it can't work. the Error is: <pre> Property playVideo not found on _testflv1_mx_managers_SystemManager and there is no default value </pre> I have the playVideo defined in the swf file embedded: <pre><code> public function playVideo():void { //'playVideo');; return; } </code></pre> – Bin Chen Dec 24 '09 at 8:52
If I catch the event of a button - click the button to invoke the embedded swf's method, it will work with Object way(declare player to be an Object), but not the MovieClip way! That's really weird. – Bin Chen Dec 24 '09 at 8:54
I have modified the answer, does this work for you now? – Bocaxica Dec 24 '09 at 10:34
it still can't work, in the line of: loadedSM = SystemManager(loader.content); the error is: TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert _testflv1_mx_managers_SystemManager@6cd3479 to mx.managers.SystemManager.) – Bin Chen Jan 5 '10 at 3:45
that is odd, it works for me. is it possible for you to paste some simple sources in here which reproduces your problem? – Bocaxica Jan 6 '10 at 9:01

I had this same problem. Googling around forever and finally found an answer that led me to the solution buried in this Old Nabble thread.

Basically, when the SWF is injected, the MovieClip itself is in a different place, and it's kind of a pain to get it out. What I did:


        source="@Embed(source='/flash/preloader.swf')" />
    var mc:MovieClip = Loader(DisplayObjectContainer(swf.content).getChildAt(0)).content 
            as MovieClip;

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