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I'm using Gforth, and I want to create a word in a definition. In the cmd line of Gforth I can type:

create foo

Or more specifically, I defined an array function that expects a size on the stack and creates a word with the address to that array:

: array ( n -- ) ( i -- addr)
    create cells allot
        does> cells + ;

So if I type 10 array foo I can then use foo later.

But if I were to write 10 array foo within another definition it gives me a compilation error. I've tried replacing foo with s" foo" which compiles, but it blows up at run time, saying:

Attempt to use zero-length string as a name

Is there a way to do this?

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One way to do it in gforth:

: bar   10 s" foo" ['] array execute-parsing ;

Other implementations do it differently, e.g.

It's not easy to do in Standard Forth, but this may be good enough:

: bar   10 s" array foo" evaluate ;
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