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I work often with ssh and command line scripts. I would like not to type the name of the command with arguments again and again and also to call my scripts by clicking a button.

Is there any console application that does that?

My guess is that I should fork a console tool (like konsole) and then add buttons that can be associated with commands I want to use often.

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Then the better option is creating a desktop launcher , like the following as target. Assuming you are having a gnome desktop. Execute the following command, gnome-desktop-item-edit --create-new ~/Desktop This will launch a window ,which will prompt for a command name , command ,and comments. Fill it as per your needs, Eg: name : MyCommand_to_start_apache command : httpd -f /my/custom/httpd.conf

That's it , if you want more fun give a try for gnome-panel or gnome-tweak-tool.

Another great tool is AutoKey

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Nope, I want a visual tool with buttons! I don't want to type just click! – amsantosr Oct 24 '13 at 18:45

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