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Trying to create a javascript visualizer, but Safari is not acting nice. The audio data is all blank.

This is my code below -


Chrome works as expected

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This is actually because they haven't really implemented MediaElementSourceNode yet. No matter how you use it (with a gain node, with a script processor, whatever) it always spits out zeroes.

You're not doing anything wrong, Safari just hasn't implemented it yet.

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aw ok, that sucks :( it's already version 7 would have been nice to od it already –  digitalzoomstudio Oct 24 '13 at 22:02

Dunno if this is the issue, but you probably shouldn't be calling the analyser functions from within onaudioprocess. onaudioprocess needs to be a super-tight function. If you just want a visual volume averaging, use requestAnimationFrame to show an average volume from an analyser; you only need a scriptprocessor if you're trying to detect clipping.

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