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Currently I have a script that gets information from the database after typing (500ms). The first time when I give in a parameter it's completely working but the second time if I give an other parameter it doesn't do things right. When I click the headers of the table it add like 15 rows , however I first delete them and my limit on my query is 5 rows.

How to fix this ?



        jQuery(document).ajaxStop(function() {

        var delay = (function() {
            var timer = 0;
            return function(callback, ms) {
                timer = setTimeout(callback, ms);

        $(document).on("keypress", "#searchValue", function() {

            delay(function() {

                $("#myTable tbody").empty();
                var name = $("#searchValue").val();
                $.post("<?php echo site_url('project/searchProject'); ?>",
                            name: name

                function(data, status) {
                    var items = "";
                    data = $.parseJSON(data);
                    if (data.toString() !== "") {
                        $.each(data, function(index, item) {
                            items += "<tr>" + "<td>" + item.Code + "</td>";
                            items += "<td>" + item.Description + "</td>";
                            items += "<td>" + item.ProjectLeader + "</td>";
                            items += "<td>" + item.AccountManager + "</td>";
                            items += "</tr>";

                    $("#myTable tbody").append(items);


            }, 500);



    <input type='text' name='searchValue' id='searchValue'/>


    <table id='myTable' class='tablesorter'>
                <th>Project leader</th>
                <th>Account manager</th>


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So you append the results to the tbody after each request. Do you remove duplicate entries or merge them somehow? –  ml_ Oct 24 '13 at 19:09
I remove all rows from the table with .empty() before making a request. –  David Oct 24 '13 at 19:13

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Just found out update on tabelsorter.

After appending items do this :


Don't got bugs anymore.

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