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My application using grails 2.2.0. I am using grails webflow in user registration process. User registration process have two steps one personal information and another is payment information. This registration process and webflow is working fine.

Now I have asked to implement formwizard (demo) in the first step of the registration. Personal information step is now divide into two steps one is personal detail and another is address information.

When I add form-wizard class to implement the form-wizard view my webflow does not works, without form-wizard my web flow works fine.

I have added debug statements in the flow and found not log is printed when using form-wizard. I think my submit button behaviour changed in the form-wizard.

I have no idea how to fix the issue. How to use grails webflow with form-wizard

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Many jQuery plugins was in my view, one of them was jQuery form plugin that was causing the issue. Once I removed this jQuery form plugin then my jQuery form-wizard works fine as explained in the example.

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