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I want to run a simple program on android ( the one that I compiled like ./a.out on ubuntu). My plan is to copy the executable into the /data/ folder and execute it as ./file

however, i am facing problems with displaying contents of /data/folder or copy into the folder. It says permission denied.

shell@mako:/ $ cd data/ shell@mako:/data $ ls opendir failed, Permission denied

So I went ahead and rooted my device, by unlocking it first and installing SuperuserSU ( CWM - SuperSU-v0.99-1.zip) as given in some tutorial in the xda-developers.com

but my problem still persists. I tried to make it the super user, by trying

adb shell shell@mako:/$ su

the cursor waits indefinetely after that, just blinking. it does not exit and comeout. I have to force quit. ( first time I allowed it to become a super user on my phone).

2) I copied the file sfbotex.o ( file to be executed) into the sdcard folder. (this went fine). shell@mako:/$ ./sfbotex.o --- says permission denied. shell@mako:/$ chmod 777 sfbotex.o ---- says permission denied.

What do I do? how can I copy my files into the android system and run programs and create local files to store the output? Am I missing just permission? or something more aswell??

P.S: sorry for the big write up, but I am unable to find out whats wrong. this might give a clear picture about what I am trying to do.

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