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There is some way to get campaign information like source, name, medium, keyword, etc from the given gclid parameter that came in the query string?

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Probably not. It contains a timestamp, and two other integers. However we couldn't match those other integers to any campaign, adword, or keyword ID that we found in the Adwords backend.

We've written about how gclids are encoded (and how you can go about decoding them for yourself).

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Take a look at CLICK_PERFORMANCE_REPORT, it has plenty of information about a click, referenced by ClickId. The easiest way to access report data is via AdWords scripts.

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Do you have access to an AdWords script that performs this function? –  Full Decent Oct 1 at 14:37

No, it's an opaque ID dynamically added to AdWords ad destination URLs at the time they are served. Only AdWords can later associate that ID back to a particular campaign, ad group, keyword, etc.

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Thank you. So... moving to manual tag. –  Leo Cavalcante Oct 25 '13 at 14:13

You can link you Adwords account and Google Analytics account to get this information into Google Analytics.


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They are already linked. The goal is to have more then just a number in Analytics, getting the campaign what user came from I can link that information to the generated lead and work if much more data for ads performance associating the conversion to the information received in the form on the page. I can know that all conversions that came from campaign X have marked some option Y in the form, then redesign the creatives for a better UX and all other kinds of improvements based on real data. –  Leo Cavalcante Oct 30 '13 at 16:45
You may be able to do what you want by adding Google Analytics events to your form submission and creating a goal or goals in GA. –  Alison S Oct 30 '13 at 18:13

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