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I'm looking for some open source software projects that I can reference to get more depth in my knowledge of programming jQuery. Can you please recommend projects that make heavy use of the jQuery library.

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First, I recommend reading a book such as jQuery in Action. It's a well-written, informative, easy-to-follow book all about the framework.

I always find that reading a book about a framework helps to expose a lot of the things available in the API that simply aren't likely to be revealed in just hacking together projects. Case in point, I've seen numerous answers about jQuery on Stack Overflow that talk about how to accomplish a given task, but the answer doesn't necessarily showcase the easiest way to do it (just a way to do it) because it doesn't leverage functions in the framework that are meant to be used for that purpose - books help issues like this.

With that said, I don't know of any "open source software projects" per se, but check out any major site that uses the framework. The jQuery website mentions various sites that utilize the framework, and I'm sure a quick Google search would return more than enough results to keep you busy.

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Not anywhere near the full potential of jQuery nor heavy use but you could take a look at n2 cms.

jQuery in action is quite good but the thing with jQuery is that you can learn it by doing. Just take the plunge =)

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