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I'm attempting to write a file to an SMB share using FileStream. Whenever I attempt this, I get a login dialog asking for username, password and domain. I enter these details and click OK, but it box comes back up. I enter details for another user that I know has access. The same happens. After the third attempt, my application pops up with an IOException and breaks.

I know the credentials I'm using are correct... but something's not working as it should.

My device is a Motorola MC3190.

Any suggestions much appreciated!!

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The answer was simple - set the time and date on the SMB client!!

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I would check and make sure the WINS Service is running on the 2003 server.

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It was even easier than that, Chris. I just set the time and date on the device :). – Matty Brown Oct 28 '13 at 22:33

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