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Looking to make a local multiplayer game that can connect with other people without using Bluetooth, but rather using WiFi or local hotspots. There are multiple games in the store (one of which, SpaceTeam and by connecting to the same hotspot, you can play with eachother.

The only thing Android's APIs officially support is WiFiDirect (P2P), and I tried that for a while but one of my two test devices constantly had a 'BUSY_ERROR' which I have no idea to solve. (It's a Galaxy S2 with SuperNexus rom on it, for that matter.)

In short, my question(s):

  1. What would be the best way to support multiple devices (Preferably Android 2.3 and up) for local wifi connections?
  2. What entails a BUSY error? How can I solve it? The code I used is exactly the same as the docs in the link.
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