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Is there a way to use the file-upload mechanism to load data from, say a DVD, to the browser's indexedDB such that the browser can then access those files without having to download them from the server? The web application itself would still be hosted on a remote server.

In this application there is the need for a large number of audio files. In some cases, the users will not have the bandwidth sufficient to download all of these files. I'm trying to find a way to get them the files (eg mail a DVD) so they would be able to continue using the application.

I would also like to implement it using this plugin: http://nparashuram.com/jquery-indexeddb/

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I think FileSystem API is better in this case. There is polyfill for chrome as well.

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I thought so too initially, but Firefox does not support it! When looking into why they don't, they essentially said 'We'd rather implement IndexedDB really well, than do both mediocre' –  Scottingham Oct 25 '13 at 14:25
Yes, I means polyfil for Firefox using IDB. Yeah, IDB is so well that Mozzila thought everything through IDB. But now, I think, reallizing that atomic nature of IDB and sequential access nature of file are fundementally different use case. For example that, there is no way to access middle part of a file in IDB. whole file must load to memory in IDB. Appending to a file is not possible in IDB. –  Kyaw Tun Oct 25 '13 at 16:02

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