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I dont seem to be able to find this information anywhere on the internet. So maybe someone can help.

here's my config:

<solr persistent="false">

  adminPath: RequestHandler path to manage cores.  
    If 'null' (or absent), cores will not be manageable via request handler
  <cores adminPath="/admin/cores" defaultCoreName="collection1">
     <core name="collection1" instanceDir="." />

solr is installed to /opt/solr/ which is also where the solr.xml file is located. it deploys on tomcat7, and I can access the main page, directly at localhost:8080/solr however, I dont see how to add cores, and when I browse to localhost:8080/solr/admin it shows the following error which is the one I really cannot get past:

HTTP Status 404 - missing core name in path
type Status report
message missing core name in path
description The requested resource is not available.
Apache Tomcat/7.0.42

its not verbose enough for me to really know exactly whats wrong, being a first time user this is pretty confusing. thoughts?

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Here's an example of solr.xml from my sandbox. Hope that helps:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<solr persistent="true" sharedLib="lib">
  <cores hostPort="8080"
    <core name="yourcorenamehere"
          transient="false" />
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