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I have a program which currently displays a preview of a usb webcam and then displays a frame within a picturebox when a button is pressed. This is done by using the directshow DxSnap sample thus using the ISampleGrabberCB interface.

Would it be possible for each frame to be scanned automatically without the use of a button?

I tried to do this with a timer however the result ended with bad image quality from both preview and the captured image.

Would this be achieved by using the IsampleGrabberCB.BufferCB function?

The way I am currently getting frames using is a button consists of:

int ISampleGrabberCB.BufferCB(double sampleTime, IntPtr buffer, int bufferLength)
        Debug.Assert(bufferLength == Math.Abs(pitch) * videoHeight, "Wrong Buffer Length");

        if (gotFrame)
            gotFrame = false;
            Debug.Assert(imageBuffer != IntPtr.Zero, "Remove Buffer");

            CopyMemory(imageBuffer, buffer, bufferLength);

        return 0;
public void getFrameFromWebcam()
   if (iPtr != IntPtr.Zero)
       iPtr = IntPtr.Zero;

        //Get Image
        iPtr = sampleGrabberCallBack.getFrame();
        Bitmap bitmapOfFrame = new Bitmap(sampleGrabberCallBack.width, sampleGrabberCallBack.height, sampleGrabberCallBack.capturePitch, PixelFormat.Format32bppRgb, iPtr);
        pictureBox3.Image = bitmapOfFrame;

public IntPtr getFrame()
        int hr;
        imageBuffer = Marshal.AllocCoTaskMem(Math.Abs(pitch) * videoHeight);

            gotFrame = true;

            if (videoControl != null)
                hr = videoControl.SetMode(stillPin, VideoControlFlags.Trigger);

            if (!pictureReady.WaitOne(9000, false))
                throw new Exception("Timeout waiting to get picture");

            imageBuffer = IntPtr.Zero;

        return imageBuffer;

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DirectShow sets you up video streaming, hence you have a stream of frames, not individual images such as obtained when pressing a button (in fact, response to button is untypical for DirectShow and is likely to require some camera-specific integration). ISampleGrabberCB::SampleCB is thus getting you every captured video frame sequentially. You don't poll it with timer, instead you have a callback called for every frame.

Since it sounds like you are not getting this, I suppose you are missing one of the two things, or both:

  1. You can/need set capture resolution and pixel format of your interest - for image processing you might prefer uncompressed video formats rather than compressed
  2. Callback calls are blocking, the slower is the frame processing the lower is effective frame rate since you are delaying video streaming with the video processing time.

Also note that some consumer grade cameras have higher resolution for snapshots and lower resolution for video streaming, so when it comes to video processing you are unable to reach highest declared resolution on the camera specification.

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So would I use the IMediaSample given and convert it into a bitmap (as a bitmap is needed for the external library)? – legohead Oct 26 '13 at 22:31
Yes, and this is actually straightforward. Regular streaming does not use bitmaps exactly, so you have to obtains them from video frames in their streaming format. – Roman R. Oct 26 '13 at 22:36
I thought this would be the case, I currently have it working with the ISampleGrabberCB::BufferCB So that when a button is pressed the current frame is displayed in a smaller box and the barcode is then scanned giving me the string of numbers, So basically I am trying to achieve this automatically. Is there any general process to convert the IMediaSample (which i assume is the current frame) into a bitmap? – legohead Oct 26 '13 at 22:44
Any response? :) – legohead Oct 26 '13 at 23:14
You are putting the question incorrectly. You are getting the frames automatically already, so you don't need to use button, just connect callback call to whatever your button handler does. General process regarding IMediaSample does not exist. However, if the media samples are 24/32-bit RGB, you can use this interface methods to access data you have with BufferCB through pointer. – Roman R. Oct 26 '13 at 23:32

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