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Based on this source, the following should work for the 7zip command line tool:

7zG a -tzip "C:\20131024_archive.zip" "C:\archive" *20131024*

The goal is to zip all the files containing the date in the name. However, this is not working for me as it zips all the files without the date filter.

I've tried all sorts of variants without success. What am I doing wrong?

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It turns out the date filter goes into the target filename like so:

7zG a -tzip "C:\20131024_archive.zip" "C:\archive\*20131024*"
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Just use forfiles if your using windows 7. Type forfiles /? for more info. A think this will do what you want:

pushd C:\archive
forfiles /m "*20131024*" /c "7zG a -tzip C:\20131024_archive.zip @file"

I'm not sure this will work if the file name has spaces.

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unfortunately I'm on windows server 2008 –  greener Oct 24 '13 at 22:45

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