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I want to ask about function m-file in mat lab if I want input from user how i do that ??

write in function m-file input(-----)

or I have to write input statement in script file and return to function file to write another statement ??

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Have you checked the input function? That might be what you want. Type help input to see how it works –  Luis Mendo Oct 24 '13 at 22:47

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As Luis mentioned, the input function (documentation) prompts the user and then receives input. As far as I know, it will work fine whether in a function or in a script. If you find that it doesn't, post the code so folks can take a look at it.

input will treat what the user types as if you had typed it at a matlab command line. For example, if your code says

count=input('Enter a count')

and the user enters 3*5, the value of count will be 15. To get exactly "3*5", use input('Prompt','s') instead.

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