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I have a webpage which displays pairs of items as such

[ item 1 ] [ item 2 ]
[ item 3 ] [ item 4 ]
[ item 5 ] [ item 6 ]
[ item 7 ] [ item 8 ]

Fine in the browser, but I want them to display like this on a printed page. When pressing ctrl+p, the preview shows them all listed one after another.

[ item 1 ] 
[ item 2 ] 
[ item 3 ] 
[ item 4 ] 

Where do I start with this? My google fu on the subject is weak :(

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Make use of media-queries:

Use them inline:

<link rel='stylesheet' media='print' href='filepath.css'/>

Use them in a combined css-file.

@media print {
    /* CSS Styling for the print page */
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Printing a webpage won't display float or display: inline-block; correctly. Using display: table-cell will make your block-level elements behave more like <td> elements. Also, if you have to contain a row of cells, you can logically use display: table-row to behave like a <tr> element.

Within your stylesheet, try something like:

@media print {
    .item-class {
         display: table-cell;
         width: 50%;

Tip: Use Chrome dev tools' "Overrides" tab then "Emulate CSS media" and change to "print".

Note: You can also use widths in inches, but since different browsers may have varying margins while printing, don't expect the same total width to be consistent.

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In your CSS style sheet, set up special CSS rules for printing:

@media print {
    /* CSS rules for printing here */
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