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So I have Sublime Text 2 and Indent XML on a Mac. I'm trying to find a keyboard shortcut which will will properly format the XML from a single line into a pretty print format. The command I'm finding is command-k command f. This is doing not what is expected, it's removing tags instead of formatting. Anyone have any ideas?

EDIT: I was not able to get this working on my Mac at home, but was able to at work on WIN7. I tried overriding the default(OSX).sublime-keymap and still nothing. I will be upgrading to Maverick here shortly. Maybe it will work then, but I doubt it.

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I was able to get this working on my PC at work. Hopefully I will have some insight for when I get home. – crumbug Oct 25 '13 at 20:22

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I'm going to chalk it up to a bug for Mac OSX. Since it works on Win7, and I've tried everything on my Mac. If I have time this Dec/Jan I will pull the repo and see if I can figure it out if it hasn't been fixed by then.

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