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Hey guys, i am very new to blender but i am very interested in not just using blender but also working on some projects on blender. i am a B.tech student, i am very good i c programming, knows python and opengl. is these enough to hand me an oppurtunity to work on the blender source code? Now, please help me as i am very new to this. i am ofcourse using linux ubuntu and i managed to get the source code for blender. So how do i get started to learn it? are there ne manuals or tutorials on the code of blender? Ne help wud b a big help

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Take a look at the Blender institute Get Involved page.

Start reading through the Coding Guids and Architecture documents. When ready to submit a patch, follow on the Patch guidelines.

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oh thank you so much sir for the help. Hope this can help me move forward. :) –  yuneek Dec 24 '09 at 11:16

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