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I added the Parse SDK today (1.2.15) to an existing project which targets iOS7 and is built in Xcode5. I followed the instructions on exactly. Some things work, like creating and saving a PFObject. Certain functions however cannot be found by the compiler. For instance [PFUser enableAutomaticUser]; generates the error

AppDelegate.m:21:13: No known class method for selector 'enableAutomaticUser'

and [PFAnalytics trackAppOpenedWithLaunchOptions:launchOptions]; generates the error

AppDelegate.m:20:6: Use of undeclared identifier 'PFAnalytics'

Are the docs out of date and have these methods moved? I have tried restarting Xcode and cleaning my project. I can see the PFAnalytics.h file if I expand Parse.Framework in Xcode, and when I look at PFUser.h I can see a declaration of enableAutomaticUser;. Why can Xcode see some Parse classes and methods but not others?

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can you try to remove your project derived data because clean project in some cases is not enough. Delete them in Window->Organizer->Projects->YourProject, restart the xcode, open project, rebuild it. Finger cross that it would work – babygau Oct 25 '13 at 3:48
I solved it and posted my solution, but this is also good advice that has solved similar problems for some. Thanks! – emkman Oct 25 '13 at 8:23
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My problem was that Framework Search Paths in Build Settings contained two directories, and one was invalid, resulting in this very strange behavior where some methods in Parse worked and others didn't.

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