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Is it possible to use some resolution independent measurement unit in Qt/QML?

I would like to make the size of the text, buttons, margins, decorative rectangles... the equal in desktop (retina and non-retina), android (dpi, xspi...) and iOS (retina and non-retina)

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Since you can access all your parent components in an element you can base all your widths/heights off the parent heights. e.g.

  width: parent.width / 2
  anchors.centerIn: parent
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Here is a recipe for a responsive design with Qml:


ApplicationWindow {
    id: app
    property int __screensize: Math.max(width, height) < 620 ?
        0 :
        Math.max(width, height) < 940 ? 1 : 2;

    // Converts the value given in pixels to a value appropriate
    // for the size of the application window.
    // The provided value is the value that is expected when the screen is "small"
    // which in this example is when its width and height are below 620 pixels
    function rsize(smallValue) {
        switch (__screensize) {
        case 0: return smallValue;
        case 1: return smallValue * Math.max(app.width, app.height) / 620;
        case 2: return smallValue * Math.max(app.width, app.height) / 940;



Item {
  anchors.fill: parent
  Item {
    Text {
      id: hello
      font.pixelSize: app.rsize(13)
      text: "Hello"
    Text {
      anchors.horizontalCenter: hello.horizontalCenter
      anchors.top: hello.bottom
      anchors.topMargin: app.rsize(20)
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