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I have a java method, that takes a few strings. This method needs to be called from a Velocity Template. However, the strings are too complex, with lots of single quotes, double quotes and commas as well. As a result merge is failing. Is there a way to escape quotes in Velocity?

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It depends on which version of Velocity you're using. Velocity 1.7 has clear rules for escaping quotes: just double the same type of quotes used to wrap the string:

$object.callMethod('Let''s have fun with "quotes"',
  "Let's have fun with ""quotes""")

Prior to that, there were some fuzzy rules with backslash escapes that didn't always work as expected.

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This is unfortunately not documented in the Velocity User Guide. – Hok Sep 17 '14 at 12:07

See the Velocity Escape Tool:

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