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From Sqoop user guide:

Sqoop uses the multi-row INSERT syntax to insert up to 100 records per statement. Every 100 statements, the current transaction within a writer task is committed, causing a commit every 10,000 rows.

But it didn't mention if you can specify a particular commit size. Hence my question is - can you specify it? anyone knows?

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There are two properties that can be used to tweak this behaviour:

  1. sqoop.export.records.per.statement - Number of rows that will be created for single insert statement, e.g. INSERT INTO xxx VALUES (), (), (), ...
  2. export.statements.per.transaction - Number of insert statements per single transaction. e.g BEGIN; INSERT, INSERT, .... COMMIT

You can specify the properties (even both at the same time) in the HADOOP_ARGS section of the command line, for example:

  sqoop export -Dsqoop.export.records.per.statement=X --connect ...

You can find further description of their use in Apache Sqoop Cookbook.

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