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I am attempting build a function that sums the list of values that could be stored in my special type.

My type looks like this

type intnest = INT of int | LIST of intnest list;;

I am attempting to use the code below to do my summation (I want addup to return type intnest)

let rec regularsum list =
   match list with
   | head :: tail -> head + regularsum tail
   | [] -> 0

let addup lt = 
    match lt with
    | INT -> lt
    | LIST ->regularsum lt

Can my custom type have its elements summed? and if so how should I change my code to achieve this? or what should I try next?

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I think you really need to read the documentation instead of posting such a huge batch of questsions to SO - see here – John Palmer Oct 25 '13 at 4:49
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So the best way to do this would be to use the higher order functions

let rec addup l =
    match l with
    |INT(_) -> l
    |LIST(li) -> 
             |> (addup) 
             |> List.fold (fun s t -> match t with |INT(a) -> s+a | _ -> failwith "bad error") 0)
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