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I want to be able to match a route that looks something like


I have the following in sinatra but


And I keep getting the Sinatra doesn’t know this ditty. Anyone knows a way to getting this to work so that I can have params[:version_number] and params[:name] matched.

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I wrote the code below (Ruby 2.0.0 / Sinatra 1.4.3).

require "sinatra"

get "/:version_number/:name/session" do

The response seems like correctly.

{"splat"=>[], "captures"=>["2", "monkey"], "version_number"=>"2", "name"=>"monkey"}

Why don't you check HTTP method or comment out other code?

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Hmm You know what i think it's actually a bug in my middleware. Thanks ! –  denniss Oct 25 '13 at 17:24

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